Plasma Studio “Nodal Landscapes” in the FORMULA_X Series

Posted on 15. November 2011 by kristienring

In physics the term ‘plasma’ describes a particular state of matter in which energy is readily conducted through a material – the fluid spaces of Plasma Studio’s architecture work by the same principle. Folding space into space, the architects draw landscapes into buildings, streets into facades, inside to outside. Transformative tectonics set spaces, planes and bodies into unforeseen relationships that challenge conventional topographies and spatial codes.

For the last 10 years the office, currently based in London, Southern Tyrol and Beijing, has been widely recognized as one of the leading international architecture and design practices of the emerging generation. From small scale installations to large scale master planning, Plasma Studio’s projects bear strongly the mark of a digital design process. Propelled by the partners’ academic research and teaching at the Architectural Association in London. Plasma Studio develops architectural solutions by mediating between the scales of topography & context on the one hand, and sensory & physical rela­tionships on the other. Their holistic design process enables an elastic response to completely varied contextual conditions and assignments. The exhibition at the DAZ presents their characteristic approach within a jump in scale ; from built projects in Europe to recent work – in – progress planning in China.


OFFICE PORTRAIT: “PLASMA STUDIO, Nodal Landscapes” Edited by Kristien Ring, 24 Pages, English. pdf download

PROGRAM: Exhibition > 18.11.2010 – 16.01.2011

Opening > 18.11.2010 | 7pm, Introduction by Kristien Ring, Director DAZ / Lecture by PLASMA STUDIO „Nodal Landscapes“ von Eva Castro, Holger Kehne, Ulla Hell.


Curator of the FORMULA_X Series: Kristien Ring, Director DAZ

Exhibition Concept / Installation: PLASMA STUDIO

DAZ PR. and Text Editing: Cornelia Schwarte

DAZ Exhibition Team: Steffen Morenz, Andreas Schleuder

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