FORMULA_X Series at the DAZ 2010/2011

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FORMULA_X stands for the unknown and the still to be discovered, as well as the individual approach, or formula, for arriving at a design solution: With three successive, individual exhibitions the DAZ will function over the next five months as a laboratory for new ideas. The series is dedicated to the upand-coming generation of talented national and international architects. The focus of each office’s presentation will be on their individual design methodology and design processes. -Not only in exhibition form, but in a public lecture and an interview/portrait online-publication. The goal of FORMULA_X, is to demonstrate the qualities in differing architectural positions, as well as to spotlight the active role of the architect in determining national and international building culture, by giving insight into the facets of their sustainable ideas. –From micro-architectures to urban planning, from new answers for conventional building tasks to futuristic concepts. The series offers a forum for informal exchange and presents contributions that will influence the future debate on building culture.

Theme for 2010: VISION

To envision scenarios and solutions for a better future and to realize these in their built form is a constant theme in the field of architecture. Most often, specific parameters define the architectural problematic and, at the same time, become the basis of developing possible solutions. It is within these parameters that new ideas and concepts are tested. In speculating at possible solutions, every architect has their own methodology – their own architectural position.

How will these parameters be in the future and where will our priorities lie in a world that is changing so quickly and so completely? We have a new challenge in finding the correct response to climatic and demographic change, and the current global economic condition brings us many more questions still.  It is at this moment more than ever that architects, designers, artists, engineers and researchers are asked for new ideas and methods. Are the design methodologies that have proven themselves in the past, still relevant for the problems of today and of the future? Will we need to develop fundamentally new, integrative methodologies in order to realize a sustainable architecture and urban planning? Or, will there instead be a turn to a new, all encompassing kind of simplification?

How does one succeed, despite the demands of the commercial market, to form and preserver in maintaining a consistent architectural position while translating the idea and vision for a sustainable environment into the built form? In the context of these new challenges, the DAZ aims not only to present visionary architectural positions with FORMULA_X, but to discuss these issues as well.

FORMULA_X is the new, extended form of the previous GLASHAUS-Series

FORMULA_X-Series at the DAZ. 2010/11 (Exhibitions, Lectures, Interviews, Discussion)

PLASMA STUDIO, Nodal Landscapes

ECOSISTEMA URBANO, eu.Network – Building Relations


VISION: Discourse Event with the Architects


Curator of the FORMULA_X Series: Kristien Ring, Director DAZ

Exhibition Concept / Installation: by the respective Architects

DAZ PR. and Text Editing: Cornelia Schwarte

DAZ Exhibition Team: Steffen Morenz, Andreas Schleuder

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