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Ecosistema Urbano’s name is program : Their projects combine architecture, urbanism, engineering and sociology to strive for a ‘creative urban sustainability’. The focus of their work is on the complex phenomenon of the city, which they react to (or activate) through innovative, creative and holistic interventions. The interdisciplinary office from Madrid is an international consultant on sustainable urban development for cities and regions. Public space is thereby a central issue : Ecosistema Urbano catalyses urban processes that help citizens to change their own environment through proactive interventions.

The work of Ecosistema Urbano defines new boundaries of the profession of architecture and urban planning : They are moderators, develop strategies, systems and social media interfaces for a spurring on urbanity. With their own social network, blog and web – TV, Ecosistema Urbano offers various platforms to bring people together and to share knowledge about sustainable urban development and ideas for the city.

Designing processes and situations where the relations between people can be optimized is Ecosistema Urbano’s key to a successful project. Their exhibition at the DAZ will visualize, through a classical 3 D optical system, the process and strategies for a selection of recent work.

OFFICE PORTRAIT: “ECOSISTEMA URBANO” Edited by Kristien Ring, 24 Pages, English. pdf download

PROGRAM: Exhibition > 18.11.2010 – 16.01.2011

Opening    > 18.11.2010 | 7pm, Introduction by Kristien Ring, Director DAZ / Lecture by ECOSISTEMA URBANO „Urban Social Design“ from Belinda Tato.


Curator of the FORMULA_X Series: Kristien Ring, Director DAZ

Exhibition Concept / Installation: ECOSISTEMA URBANO

DAZ PR. and Text Editing: Cornelia Schwarte

DAZ Exhibition Team: Steffen Morenz, Andreas Schleuder

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