PLASMA STUDIO Interview and Office Portrait

Posted on 23. November 2011 by kristienring

Your projects explore new ways to translate space and to form an innovative solution to the architectural brief. Throughout these projects, from small to large scale, you have succeeded in developing and keeping a consistent architectural attitude. How would you define “innovation” or “research” in your work? What do you find is the most important aspect of a project and what makes it successful?

The initial conceptual phase is very important: we try to set up a clear concept which is the base for decisions along all the planning process. -Every decision taken has to stand/hold against the conceptual base in order to reach a high degree of coherence. Our work is an attempt to employ the visual in relation to bodily experience and awareness..… more in the interview:

This interview with the PLASMA STUDIO-Partners Eva Castro, Holger Kehne and Ulla Hell is by Kristien Ring, Kurator of the exhibition series FORMEL_X on young architects. Plasma Studio Interview-E PDF DOWNLOAD

Exhibition > 01.10. – 14.11.2010 at the German Center for Architecture DAZ, Berlin.

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