AFF Architects “In Love, To:” in the FORMULA_X Series

Posted on 15. November 2011 by kristienring

The work of AFF is based on the understanding of architecture as an object, something sculptural. This view manifests itself already during the development process of their projects. AFF’s work develops through a process of designing in which they use trusted procedures. For AFF, this means: Producing and simultaneously constantly deciding, correcting, refining. Every step can be a new source of inspiration; every intermediate result creates new reactions and is part of an evolution.

But, where does the process begin? Where does it end? AFF would like to show the very beginning: It is the memories and the impressions that, at a first glance do not seem to have any influence on decisions, but indeed play a role beyond the beginning of a project. The process is determined by objects and images that have a strong character and their own past. It is the mysteriousness of the stories behind these objects that provokes AFF: with their own logic and charm the loved objects and images entice to anew. In Love, To :

OFFICE PORTRAIT: “AFF Architekten” Edited by Kristien Ring, 24 Pages, German. pdf download

PROGRAM: Exhibition > 21.01. – 13.03.2011

Opening    > 21.01.2010 | 7pm, Introduction by Kristien Ring, Director DAZ / Lecture by AFF Architekten „In Love, To“ from Martin Fröhlich


Curator of the FORMULA_X Series: Kristien Ring, Director DAZ

Exhibition Concept / Installation: AFF Architekten

DAZ PR. and Text Editing: Cornelia Schwarte

DAZ Exhibition Team: Steffen Morenz, Andreas Schleuder

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