FORMULA_X: VISION with AFF Architects / Plasma Studio / ECOSISTEMA URBANO

Posted on 16. January 2012 by kristienring

The FORMEL_X Series at the DAZ presents three offices of the up-and-coming generation with their individual positions and sustainable ideas for the future. The series focuses on presenting the offices’ diverse design methodology and design processes.

With back to back solo exhibitions, lectures and interviews, the Londoner Plasma Studio, the interdisciplinary network Ecosistema Urbano from Madrid and AFF Architects from Berlin will present their architectural positions.

FORMULA_X VISION is a discourse event to wrap-up the series. All three offices will come together to discuss their individual approaches to architecture and strategies for developing visions for a better-built future.

Lectures by:

Eva Castro, Ulla Hell / Plasma Studio

Jose Luis Vallejo Mateo und Belinda Tato / Ecosistema Urbano

Martin Fröhlich, Sven Fröhlich / AFF Architekten

Moderation by: Kristien Ring, Director DAZ und Curator of the FORMEL_X Series

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