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The exhibition “Emerging Identities EAST” opens with the two-day long symposium.Architects and architectural experts from the participating countries will introduce current trends and debates. Very different positions will be discussed and allow comparison on both a regional and international level. The main goal of the conference is to develop and present new perspectives and conclusions to the international media. The symposium provides a platform for deepening contacts and dialogue to continue communication and cooperation on a long-term basis.

25+26. 11. 2005 at the DAZ in Berlin

PROGRAM: Friday, November 25, 2005

Welcome by Kaspar Kraemer, President BDA

Moderation by Kristien Ring


Matthew Griffin (Deadline) Berlin “DIY Architecture”

Bernd Bess (Bernd Bess Architekten) Berlin „Reflector“

Nicolaus Knebel (Knebel & Von Wedemeyer) Berlin „Ten Tracks“


K. Banaszewski, M. Kuciewicz, I. Sczesny (CENTRALA) Warsaw “Warsaw, City of Transition: Changing Condition of Warsaw seen by artists, architects, and urban designers”

Piotr Smierzewski, Darius Herman (HS99 Herman i Smierzewski) Warsaw “The discreet charm of province”

Krysztof Ingarden (Ingarden & Ewy Arch.) / Krakow “Sending Messages“

Lukas Marciniak, R. Konieczny (KWK Promes Arch) Katowice, “Transformation of the Polish Cube”


Marco Studen (Scapelab) Ljubljana “Territory Known As”

Mika Cimolini + Igor Kebel (Elastik) Ljubljana “Critical Geometry”

Spela Videcnik (OFIS Arhitekti) Ljubljana “OFIS Report”

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Welcome by Kaspar Kraemer, President BDA

Moderation by Kristien Ring


Igor Kovačević, Yvette Vaśourkova (CCEA Center for Central European Architecture) Prague, “Young Czech Architects”

Pawel Wachnicki (C+HO_aR + Tomáš Pejpek) Szezcin, “Thinking and Spacing”


Andor Wesselényi-Garay (editor “ATRIUM”) Budapest “Opposite Phenomena – Public Spatiality and private Materiality: Postorganic Architecture in Hungary“

Zsolt Gunther (3h office for architecture) Budapest “Mainstream versus Off-Stream. Strategies on the Periphery”

Adam Somlai-Fischer (aether architecture) Budapest “Programmable Matter – Social Change”

Földes László (Földes és Társai Építésziroda Kft) Budapest

Péter Kis (Kis Péter Architects) Budapest


Janis Lejnieks, (journalist) / Riga, Juris Poga (Arhitekts Juris POGA) Riga „New Trends in Riga“

Cynthia Markhoff, Oskars Redsbergs, Jürgen Wassink (STANDARDSITUATION) Riga, Frankfurt a.M.,

Rolandas Palekas (R.Paleko ARCH studija) Vilnius


Siiri Vallner (Kavakava) / Indrek Peil (Head Architects) Tallinn “Absence – works and concepts”

Andrus Köresaar, Tallinn “Old Factories – New Urban Centres in Tallinn”

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