Emerging Identities EAST: Berlin I Bratislava I Budapest I Ljubljana I Prague I Riga I Tallinn I Vilnius I Warsaw

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More than 90 young architects and their offices have been introduced at the exhibition „Emerging Identities – EAST!“ at the German Center for architecture DAZ. Starting in Berlin, the exhibition presented an
architectural journey through contemporary built culture of the Central and Eastern European cities of the European Union. The focus of this journey, which is documented in the exhibition and catalogue, is the young generation of architects and their built projects. These themes will be explored in depth at the opening symposium “Positions” as well as in a country specific accompanying programme.

Emerging Identities – EAST!
focuses the still undiscovered, vibrant, young architectural scene of Germany’s Eastern EU neighbours.

Emerging Identities – EAST!
Introduces this new generation and fosters international dialogue.

Emerging Identities: through the common language of built space trends, positions, planning goals and cultural developments of a country become readable. Emerging Identities – EAST! focusses on the driving forces and protagonists of new architecture in Europe’s East from Berlin to Tallinn and Ljubljana. It is, for instance, not only the new public buildings, but far more the many small built interventions that represent current cultural tendencies in those cities. It is the young, not yet internationally published architects that develop projects out of their own initiative and idealism that define the emerging architectural scene.

30 of these built projects are presented and explored in detail in the exhibition curated by Kristien Ring. The buildings embody, independently from their country of origin, strong conceptual thinking and consequent implementation of the concept. Additionally, `country islands’ with country specific projects will illustrate: what and how much is built in the single states, and in which urban environment. Finally, every participating architect selects a building of relevance from his/her country for the `country islands’.

Emerging Identities – EAST!, in this way, also represents a personal perspective on the built culture of Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Baltic States. (

See down for a list of EXHIBITION at the German Center for Architecture (DAZ): 24. 11. 2005 – 20. 02. 2006


Curator and Project Initiator : Kristien Ring

Exhibition Team: Franziska Eidner, Anne-Kathrin Hoehler, Andrea Nakath, Kristien Ring, Franziska Rusch


„Emerging Identities-EAST!“ BERLIN – BRATISLAVA – BUDAPEST – LJUBLJANA – PRAGUE – RIGA – TALLINN – VILNIUS – WARSAW, More than 90 offices of the young generation of architects, 34 projects in detail, addresses and links for further research on contemporary Central and Eastern European architecture, Edited by Kristien Ring, English/German, 178 Pages © 2005  jovis Publishers, ISBN: 3-936314-69-1

”EASTERN EUROPE: TENDENCIES”, published in: L`industria della costruzioni, Italian/English, No. 392 Nov/Dec 2006, p.1-77, aprox. 100 color images. Guest Editor

”EAST EUROPE: ARCHITECTURE 88 Giovani Architetti Presentano i Loro Progetti” Exhibition catalogue for the traveling exhibition in Venice, Italian/English, 108 Pages,  Editor: Kristien Ring, 2006, ISBN 978-88-88121-14-7

>ONLINE SITE about Eastern European Architecture in collaboration with Baunetz.  www.baunetz.de/arch/east  ( and also together with www.world-architects.com) based on the exhibition project “Emerging Identities EAST”, curated by Kristien Ring.


> MOSCOW, Russia: 18 – 22.10.2006 Architecture Festival /and until 03.2007 at the Russian Federation of Architects Gallery

> VENEDIG, Italien: 14.04 – 01.07.2007 at the Architecture Gallery Progettocontemperaneo

>HELSINKI,  Finnland: 01.10. 2007 – 01.02.2008 Finnish Architecture Museum

> BUDAPEST, Ungarn: 06.02 – 02.03.2009 KIK, Hungarian Centre for Contemporary Architecture


Architects and Offices:

Czech Republic: 4A, A69, Goa Architects, Ivan Kroupa, LENNOX architekti, C+HO_aR + Tomáš Pejpek architectural office, u/s/a, VYSEHRAD Atelier

Estonia: 3+1 architects, Alver Trummal Architects, Architect Martin Aunin, Architects Muru & Pere, Architectural bureau Plus, ArhitektuuriAgentuur, Head Arhitekti, JVR Architects Ltd, Eek & Mutso AB, HG Architecture Office, Kavakava, KOKO, KOSMOS, Urban Mark Architecture. 

Germany: abcarius+burns architecture design, AS-IF Architekten, Bernd Bess Architekten BDA, Deadline, Graft Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Haberland Architekten BDA, Hoyer Schindele Hirschmüller + Partner Architektur, Kersten + Kopp Freie Architekten, Knebel & von Wedemeyer Architekten BDA, Pysall.Ruge Architekten with Bartlomeji Kisielewski, raumlabor_berlin, Realities United, RS_ARCHITEKTEN with Studio Architekten, Robertneun Architekten, Zoomarchitekten.

Hungary: 3h office for architecture, aether architecture, Bánáti + Hartvig Építész Iroda Kft., CZITA Architects Ltd., DÓM Építészműterem Kft, Földes és Társai Építésziroda Kft., GEON Architects, LiTraCon Bt., minusplus_architects, Péter Kis Architects, sporaarchitects, THEYCOM Art & Architecture, Zsuffa és Kalmár Építész Mûterem Kft.

Latvia: 8am & Lejnieku projektesanas birojs, Architektu Birojs Silis, Zabers + Klava, Design group ARHITEKTONIKA LTD., Arhis, DEPO Projekts, f.l.tadao & lukshevics, Arhitskts Juris POGA, SINTIJA VAIVADE_ ARHITEKTE, STANDARDSITUATION, Vizuálás Modeléšanas Studija

Lithunia: 4+ Architects , Audrius Ambrasas Architects, ARCHIPOLIS, R.Paleko ARCH studija, Vilius ir partneriai

Poland: Bulanda i Mucha Architects, Centrala, HS99 Herman i Smierzewski, Ingarden & Ewy Architects, JEMS Architects, KWK Promes Architects, Biuro Projektow Lewicki Latak, medusa group, nsMoonStudio, kuba wozniczka + anna panek architects

Slovakia: cakov-makara, Halada, Jurani&Toma, zerozero, Lúbomir Závodný, Studio For/ Martin Kvasnica, u/s/a

Slovenia: Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti, Elastik, Enota, Maechtig Vrhunc Arhitekti, OFIS Arhitekti, Sadar Vuga Arhitekti, Scapelab


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