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2001 to 2005, over 50 exhibitions on current themes in architecture, design and urban planning were presented at the gallery. SUITCASEARCHITECTURE was founded by Beate Englehorn and Kristien as a forum and platform for discussion for young, professional architects and established Star architects alike.

–why does the building look like this?–

The idea to found an architectural gallery was motivated by our teaching work at the university. It is the design process, so often invisible and unappreciated, that makes up the most valuable part of a project. The main goal in founding the gallery Suitcasearchitecture was to increase public awareness about the way an architect works and also concerning current issues.
In the 30 square meter, store-front space, only one project by a single architect was exhibited, with the goal of showing how this office went about designing a solution–all the way to the final built situation. I believe that the better understanding the public, potential clients and decision makers have about the creative process of architectural and urban design work, as well as the potentials and parameters that this process brings with it, the better results we can have for our built environment.
Suitcasearchitecture is an interdisciplinary forum for young architects, designers and urbanists as well as established professionals with the goal of presenting a wide spectrum of current projects and processes that lead to excellent built work.
With our own ideas competitions, Suitcasearchitecture actively created discussion on relevant current issues: for example on the future of the central Schlossplatz area, on the lack of open competitions and on the potentials of temporary buildings in the urban context.

EXHIBITIONS ( selection)
David Chipperfield Architects „building inside the city“
Barkow Leibinger Architects „site-seeing: Grüsch“
Kahlfeldt Architekten „Schöne Aussicht“
Abcarius + Burns „urbane living“ (catalogue)
Häfner Jiminez Landschaftsarchitekten
Becher + Rottkamp Architekten BDA „Zwischenraum“
Bolles + Wilson „BEIC – European Library for Communication
and Culture, Milan’“
Carola Schäfers Architekten BDA „M.P.
Plasmastudio „Engaging Topographies“
Bottega + Ehrardt Architekten “Sonic”
KSV Krüger Schuberth Vandreike “Museum für Moderne und
Zeitgenössische Kunst, Bozen”
Deadline Architects “Solid State”
Ippolito Fleitz Group, Identity Architects “Moments”
David Chipperfield Architects “Literaturmuseum der Moderne,
Heide von Beckerath Architekten
Bernd Bess Architekten “Reflektor”
Wiel Arets Architect & Associates “Living Library”

SUITCASEARCHITECTURE, Gallery for Architecture and Urban Issues
Choriner Strasse 54, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

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