The German Center for Architecture DAZ (2004 – 2011)

Posted on 23. November 2011 by kristienring

In November 2004, the BDA (Federal Association of German Architects) appointed Kristien Ring as the director of the DAZ with the challenge of founding the center anew, and the goal of creating an international forum for architecture. I was independently responsible for the conception of the DAZ program and profile as well as for the entire program financing, management and personnel between 2004 and 2011.
DAZ_Programm 2005 – 2010

Profile: Architecture affects, more than any other art form, our environment and is an expression of culture–reflecting past and current developments in society. Dedicated to the promotion of architecture and building culture, the DAZ introduces discussion on current positions in architecture. The DAZ aims to build bridges between architectural professionals, building industries, clients, government, policy makers, and interested public on a regional, national and international level. The DAZ is a forum and platform for current topics in architecture and utilizes the media of exhibitions, events, and conferences to promote discussion and to foster the understanding of architectural issues. The DAZ aims to contribute to a vibrant building culture and to the development of networks between creators, commissioners and users.

Program: With each new topic an issue, new groups of people were engaged in discussion within in the realm of architecture, planning and building culture. In collaboration with other institutions, initiatives, and partners, we were able to produce and present a very dense program during these years. For example: “Asmara, Africa’s Secret Modernist City” not only presented excellent, heritage modernist architecture but also brought politicians from Germany and Africa together in a non-political, cultural atmosphere and thereby started important political talks. “Emerging Identities EAST” presented, for the first time, what had been developing architecturally in Central and Eastern Europe since 1991 and by whom. Through the exhibition, a three-day symposium, lecture series and cooperation with the Baunetz online portal, the architectural achievements of the nine “New EU” countries finally became recognized –not only by Western Europeans but also amongst the new EU countries themselves. “Auf.Einander.Bauen_Buagruppen in der Stadt” presented, in 2007, the very first self-initiated co-housing projects in Berlin, for which the city is widely known today. The exhibition, publication and discussions helped to ignite this movement by bringing architects, potential clients, politicians and decision makers (banks) together. We studied and presented urban development strategies of metropolitan centers such as in the exhibitions: Berlin-New York Dialogues, Megacity Network Seoul, Citambulos Mexico City, and Becoming Istanbul. The cultural identity and place making of architecture was a particular focus such as in the exhibitions: M8 CHINA, Urbanizing the Mojave Desert: LAS VEGAS, Dialogue of Builders Switzerland, Finnish Architecture, or Living the Modern–Australian Architecture, just to name a few.

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