NYC: GLASHAUS_07 Exhibition at the DAZ

Posted on 26. October 2011 by kristienring

GLASHAUS GOES NYC: DAZ presents six jury-selected architectural firms from New York City

Architecture In Formation (Matthew Bremer) was praised by the jury not only for its sharp and critical thinking but originality, humor, and sophisticated investigation of landscape design. Gage Clemenceau Architects (Mark Foster Gage and Marc Clemenceau Bailly), were awarded for the clear connection of speculative projects and built work as well as for their innovative usage of materials and textures. With Gordon Kipping’s G TECTS LLC and Interboro Partners (Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, and Georgeen Theodore) are two offices presented in the exhibition that focus on urban space and urban design in their work. Both firms have developed remarkable projects in this context. WORK AC, founded by Amale Andraos and Dan Wood – both from Rem Koolhaas’ OMA – convinced the jury with their »adventurous and innovative design«. And last but not least the exhibition features Zakrzewski Hyde Architects, the architectural firm of Stas Zakrzewski and Marianne Hyde, that was noted for their impressive residential loft renovations.

OFFICE PORTRAIT: “NYC Young Architects” Edited by Kristien Ring, 16 Pages, German. pdf download

PROGRAM: Exhibition > 07.03. – 02.05.2008

Opening    > 06.03.2008 |  pm, Introduction by Kristien Ring, DAZ, with lectures by the architects:

1 > Philadelphia Urban Voids Competition, Interboro Partners | 2 > Issey Miyake Madison Avenue, G TECTS LLC | 3 > House for a Butcher and Art Denizen, Architecture in Formation | 4 > Stockholm Library Addition, Gage Clemenceau Architects | 5 > Art Box, Zakrzewski Hyde Architects | 6 > Penthouse for Diane von Fürstenberg, WORK AC


Curator of the GLASHAUS Series: Kristien Ring, Director, DAZ

Text Editing and PR.: Franziska Eidner

Exhibition concept and installation: Kristien Ring, Sophie Stiglanio

Exhibition Team DAZ: Steffen Morenz, Andreas Schleuder

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