Visiting Professor at SSoA, Sheffield, UK

Posted on 6. October 2014 by kristienring

Visiting Professor (2014) SSoA University of Sheffield, School of Architecture, England Main Involvement: Live Projects and Live Works, MARCH Program Live Projects: a pioneering educational initiative, bringing masters students with organizations in real time, with real budgets for a six-week period every autumn. The projects range from “embedded” design-build constructions for communities, to the design of urban masterplans, or even consultation exercises that help clients to define future steps and fundraising strategies. In every case, the project is real, happening in real time with real people. 14 Live Projects were completed this year. The following are just two and more can be found here: Hemingfield Colliery Project The proposal focused on developing a future strategy for Hemingfield Colliery, a former industrial site, questioning how the existing buildings and strong industrial heritage could be utilized and regenerated into a valuable community asset. Community engagement enabled the development of specific design ideas to be implemented in phases. VIDEO: Hulme Community Garden Centre, The Barrow-Down HCGC is a not for profit, volunteer and educational garden center organization. The students were asked to create a weather-protected space with found and donated materials, for as little money as possible. The students moved into a shed on site, and working closely with the center, designed and built a structure for a total of less than 700 GBP. VIDEO: Live Works: is an urban room, a shop window for SSoA in a frequented area of the city where the University can better reach out to local people, organizations and policy makers. Not only the student projects are exhibited and important themes discussed, but the Universities’ civic engagement activities are made public here. I am involved as a consultant in the strategic development of Live Works.

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