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The main facade and entrance to the DAZ Building complex stood empty and unused for years. My goal was to activate this space and transform it into an exhibition forum for young architects. 

The GLASHAUS series is made possible by a new kind of cooperation with a small selection of corporate partners. These partners not only made a financial contribution in order to help make the exhibitions and publications possible, but also optimized the space itself with technical installations and know-how.

GLASHAUS Series: Young Architect’s Positions

GLASHAUS is a new exhibition series at the DAZ German Center for Architecture, explicitly dedicated to the emerging generation of architects: Their engagement for high quality, innovative and sustainable architecture; their understanding of professional responsibilities and challenges; their working methods and conceptual approaches will be presented and become visible here. Every exhibition of the GLASHAUS series will feature one outstanding architectural office with its currently realized projects. The GLASHAUS is a space for informal exchange, where the design achievements and the active role of the emerging generation of architects in determining national and international building culture stand in the spotlight.

The goal of the GLASHAUS series is to give insight into the working methodology of the architectural offices by showing the idea and concept behind the architectural projects. Methodological diversity is an inherent quality of the architectural profession. Architects often find consensus in questions and first speculations rather than in actual solutions. The exhibitions will depict how architectural ideas are creatively transformed into the built form. It is this testing of an idea: evaluating, discarding, reworking, that makes up the ingenuity in our work as architects and designers, and each exhibition will show a different and very individual way of finding a solution.


01_ tec ARCHITECTURE, Los Angeles, U.S.A. / Schweiz
02_ bogevischs büro, Munich
03_ ROBERTNEUN™, Berlin
04_ BUCHOLZ McEVOY, Dublin / Berlin
06_ Franken Architekten, Frankfurt a.M.
07_ NYC: 6 young offices from NYC (accompanying the Berlin-NYC Dialogues Exhibition)
08_ bhss-architekten, Leipzig
09_ Emerging Architecture Award, International
10_ SMAQ Architekten, Berlin


> GLASHAUS_X  PETCHA KUTSCHA evening (short lectures) with:tec ARCHITECTURE / bogevischs buero / ROBERTNEUN / Bucholz Mc Evoy / Sturm u. Wartzeck / Bernhard Franken / bhss architekten

> Bubbleism, Architectures of Foam: Lecture by Chris Bosse, Water Cube, Beijing.

> SMAQ: Work Review


EXHIBITIONS at the DAZ 11.2006.–12.2008 (GH_01 – 10)

Curator: Kristien Ring, Director DAZ

Team: Franziska Eidner (PR and Text Editing 2006-8), Andrea

Nakath 2006, Isabel Retuerto 2007, Steffen Morenz 2008



  • TEC Architecture, Edited by Kristien Ring, English/German, 64 Pages, ISBN: 3-86611-246-7 / Pro Literatur Verlag.
  • bogevischs buero, Edited by Kristien Ring, German, 64 Pages, ISBN: 978-3-86611-311-4 / Pro Literatur Verlag.
  • OFFICE PORTRAITS of the Exhibitions GH_03 – 10 may each be downloaded here. pdf. (freee of cost)

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