SMAQ: GLASHAUS_10 exhibition at the DAZ

Posted on 8. November 2011 by kristienring

SMAQ architecture urbanism research

Environments – Umwelten

SMAQ’s work focuses on »architecture, urbanism, research« and was founded by Sabine Müller (born 1969) and Andreas Quednau (born 1967) in Rotterdom. Since 2005, SMAQ is based in Berlin and realizes projects worldwide. They are currently working on a masterplan for Xeritown (Dubai), a 56 ha mixed-use development area in the wasteland of Dubai Land. Among their current projects are furthermore a hotel in Bejing and »Cumulus«, a residential area in Oslo. SMAQ has been awarded with numerous prizes and fellowships: The architectural practice has won the EUROPAN competition for several times, was awarded with the LEG-Prize 2000 of the Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Germany, In GLASHAUS_10, SMAQ presents the following projects: the installation BATH (Castle park Solitüde, Germany), the masterplan and landscape study »DotsandLoops« (Burgos, Spain), Xeritown (Dubai) and »Cumulus« (Oslo, Norway).

OFFICE PORTRAIT: SMAQ, Edited by Kristien Ring, 16 Pages (german). SMAQ Porträt GH_10


Exhibition > 17.10. – 12.12.2008

Opening > 16.10.2008 | 7pm, Introduction by Kristien Ring, DAZ, and Sabine Müller  und Andreas Quednau, SMAQ.


Curator of the  GLASHAUS Series: Kristien Ring, Director, DAZ

Text Editing and PR.: Franziska Eidner

Exhibition concept and installation: SMAQ

Exhibition Team DAZ: Steffen Morenz, Andreas Schleuder


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