CITAMBULOS_ A Journey to the Mexican Megalopolis

Posted on 31. October 2011 by kristienring

Mexico City is an exemplary case for diverse strategies in dealing with the challenges of globalisation. The exhibition “Citámbulos” presents the city through a number of specific locations, situations and processes. The exhibition focuses on the city’s inhabitants: how do people adapt their daily lives according to given urban processes, and in what way do people shape their physical environment themselves?

The exhibition “Citámbulos” is arranged along a travelogue through daily life in Mexico City which appeals to all the senses. “Citámbulos”, the research collective by the same name, has assembled statements from artists, planners and architects for this presentation which provide insights into urban phenomena that are characteristic for Mexico City and also serve as relevant models within the context of a wider discussion on the future of megacities worldwide. The spontaneous and creative way in which people deal with the city’s problems in a context of urban expansion and globalisation are as much part of the exhibit as are the reactions to the challenges of urban densification by professional architects and planners. “Citámbulos” presents these phenomena through a variety of media to form an overall portrait of the megalopolis that is Mexico City.

PROGRAM: Exhibition > 24.07.-21.09.2008

Opening > 24.07.2008 | 8pm. Speakers:
S.E. Jorge Castro-Valle K., Ambassador of Mexico in Germany, Wolfgang Nowak, Alfred Herrhausen Society and Introduction by the Curators Kristien Ring, DAZ and Members oft he Citámbulos Group.

Colloquium: “CITAMBULOS_Urban Strategies, a Mexico City – Berlin Dialogue”. A dialogue between experts from Mexico City and Berlin will present informal urban strategies on one side and formal governance of the other. The discussion will focus on current political challenges and planning strategies.

 > 19.09.2008 | 10am. – 5.30 pm.  at DAZ Taut Saal.

Public lecture: “Operational System Mexico: Beyond crisis, beyond megacityness“ By: José Castillo, Architect and Director of Arquitectura 911sc, Professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana School of Architecture, Mexico City. Curatorial advisor of the CITÀMBULOS exhibition for the Alfred Herrhausen Society.

 > 19.09.2008 | 5:30pm. – 6.15 pm.  at DAZ Taut Saal.

PUBLICATION: „CITAMBULOS_ A Journey to the Mexican Megalopolis“ Edited By: Ana Álvarez, Fionn Petch, Valentina Rojas Loa, Christian von Wissel, CITÁMBULOS with Kristien Ring, DAZ, deutsch/englisch/spanisch,
Flexocover 22 x 28 cm,
272 Pages with over 200 color Images,
ISBN 978-3-939633-76-1 
©Jovis Verlag / 2008

CREDITS: Curators: Kristien Ring, DAZ with CITÁMBULOS: Ana Álvarez, Fionn Petch, Valentina Rojas Loa, and Christian von Wissel.                                                          Exhibition concept and installation: CITÁMBULOS                                                  Exhibition Team DAZ: Steffen Morenz, Andreas Schleuder

The exhibition is a collaboration of the DAZ, the research collective ‘Citámbulos’ (Mexico City) and the Alfred Herrhausen Society, Berlin and is under the patronage of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit.

We thank the  support of: 
The Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft / Stiftung Deutsche Kassenlotterie Berlin / Ciudad de México / Secretaría de Cultura / Fundación Colección Jumex / Goethe Institut Mexiko / Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Hístoria / Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes / Embajada de México / Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores / Ringoplast


1. Mexico City, photo: Dante Busquets 
4. „Ciudad Milusos / Multipurpose City“, photo: Citámbulos: Everyday objects are recycled as building materials, for instance plastic boxes assembled as a wall.
 5. „Central de Abastos“, photo: Ana Álvarez (Citámbulos): Central market of Mexico City and also the biggest Market of Latin America.

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