CITAMBULOS: Lecture by José Castillo (Program)

Posted on 5. January 2012 by kristienring

“OPERATIONAL SYSTEM MEXICO : beyond crisis, beyond megacityness”
By: José Castillo, Architect, Founder Arquitectura 911sc and Professor at the Pennsylvania’s School of Design and the Universidad Iberoamericana School of Architecture, Mexico City. Curatorial advisor for the “Citámbulos” exhibition for the Alfred Herrhausen Society. (Lecture to be held in English).

The social, demographic, legal, economic and political complexities of Mexico City have shaped a new set of tools to understand and engage in its urban and architectural transformations. The lecture will present Mexico City as a new space of architectural and urban potential.

> 19.09.2008 | 6:30 – 7:30 pm, DAZ Taut Saal.

followed by Reception / closing event of the CITÀMBULOS exhibition

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