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Posted on 17. December 2012 by kristienring

Alvar-Aalto-Kulturhaus, Wolfsburg

Veranstalter: Stadt Wolfsburg, Baudezernat und Alvar Aalto Stiftung Helsinki

PROGRAM 23.08.12

Tour of the Alvar Aalto Kulturhaus with information on the latest restoration work

START OF SYMPOSIUM, Moderation Presentation: Kristien Ring


Monika Thomas, Head of Municipal Planning Offi ce, Wolfsburg (DE)

Leena Aalto, Envoy of the Finnish Embassy, Berlin (DE)

Dr. Susanna Petterson, Director of the Alvar Aalto Foundation, Helsinki (EN)


In the spirit of Alvar Aalto – Finnish examples of dealing creatively with the icons of the modern age: Tapani Mustonen, Architects Mustonen Ltd., Helsinki

Winfried Brenne, Brenne Architects, Berlin

Discussion with

Prof. Berthold Burkhardt, Tapani Mustonen, Winfried Brenne


Monuments and energy – Current research projects with the aim of forward-looking renovation of monument-protected structures.: Sabine Djahanschah, German Environmental Foundation, Osnabrück

The need for action in detail – The example of the Alvar-Aalto-Kulturhaus Wolfsburg and the renovation and reactivation measures since 2010 (DE): Heidi Fengel,  Lower Authority for Monument Preservation, Wolfsburg

Discussion with

Monika Thomas, Sabine Djahanschah, Heidi Fengel


Symbiosis of old and new – The extension to the library in Seinäjoki (EN): Jussi Aittoniemi,  City Architect, Seinäjoki

Interpretation for the zeitgeist – the new design of a four-room apartment in the Aalto-Wohnhaus in Berlin‘s Hansaviertel (DE): Katharina Schoger, Reuter Schoger Architects, Berlin

A voice for Aalto‘s legacy – Experiences with the conversion of the university buildings

in Otaniemi and Jyväskylä (DE): Tuula Pöyhiä, Alvar Aalto Foundation, Helsinki

Discussion with

Jussi Aittoniemi, Katharina Schoger, Tuula Pöyhiä

ORGANISER City of Wolfsburg and Alvar Aalto Foundation Helsinki

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