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MADRID, October 1 – November 17, 2015
– URBAN LIVING Exhibition at CAOM Architecture Center, as part of the International Architecture Festival

SHEFFIELD, 12.09.2015
– Keynote Lecture at the ‘Architecture and Resilience—On a Human Scale’ Conference

FRANKFURT, 10.09.2015
– Keynote Lecture at the pre-opening of the ‘Bauen und Wohnen in Gemeinschaft / Collective Building and Living’ exhibition at the Deutsches Architecture Museum
– Release of the Publication ‘Bauen und Wohnen in Gemeinschaft / Building and Living in Communities’ Annette Becker, Laura Kienbaum, Kristien Ring, Peter Cachola Schmal (Hrsg. / Eds.), Birkhäuser, Basel, 2015—to accompany the opening of the exhibition at the DAM.

LINZ, 06.09.2015
– Keynote Lecture at the ‘Ars Electronica’ Festival

BERLIN, 21.05.2015 – 04.07.2015
– ‘URBAN LIVING-Strategies for the Future’ Exhibition at the DAZ German Architecture Centre, exhibition opening with Regula Lüscher
– Concept/Moderation of the discussion: ‘Neue Wohnformen’ (New Forms of Living) Y-Table Talk at the DAZ
– Urban Acupuncture Workshop with Marcos L. Rosa
– Concept/Moderation of the discussion: ‘Bezahlbarkeit’ (Affordability) Y-Table Talk at the DAZ
– Concept/Host: Lectures and Workshop with international experts: ‘SELF MADE CITY – Mechanisms of Alternative Urban Development’ an official Make City Festival contribution
– Leader of the ‘SELF MADE CITY: Urban Walk’
– Blog Concept/Editor: www.urbanlivingberlin.de

PRAGUE, 18.06.2015
– Speaker and Moderator, at the ReSITE International Conference on the ‘Sharing City’

HELSINKI, 04.2015
– Invited external consultant to the Expert Workshop on Urban Planning and the Integration of Baugruppen, with the City Planning Department of Helsinki

KATOWICE, 03.2015
– Lecture and Urban Planning Workshop

BERLIN, 30.03.2015
– ‘URBAN LIVING–Strategies for the Future’ Book Release, with Jean-Phillipe Vassal und Regula Lüscher

TAMPA, 03.2015
– Lecture and student reviews, University of South Florida

UTRECHT, 03.2015
– Invited external consultant with the Avicenna Academy for Leadership, Urban Planning Workshop

CIEE, 03.2015
– CIEE external critic and student reviews

PRAGUE, 02.2015
– Lecture, discussion and interviews: accompanying the exhibition ‘Baugruppe is Super’

MUNICH, 01.2015
– Lecture and discussion ‘Title’ at the BAU, International Building Fair

OSLO, 10.09.2014
– Lecture at the conference Common Ground, at the DogA

– ‘SELFMADE CITY’ as an ‘official research project of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia’
SELF MADE CITY – WEEKEND SPECIAL 25.-26.10.2014 – official program of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia

LONDON, 07-13.05.2014
– Presentation to British Parlament on ‘Collective Custom Building, learning from Berlin’, Portcullis House, London
– Lecture at Grand Designs Live, EXCEL London
– Symposium ‘SELF MADE CITY Comes To LONDON’, Canning Town Caravanserai, London BERLIN, 05.2014 – Baukultur Werkstatt ‘Planning Culture’ of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur, at the Academie of the Arts

HEIDELBERG, 02.04.2014
– Heidelberger Schlossgespräche with Stephan Behnisch, Diskussion mit Andres Lepik and Kristien Ring

BERLIN, 30-31.01.2014
– Symposium: ‘Ephemere Stadtentwicklung, neue Handlungsspielräume in der Planungskultur’, Event-Moderation by Kristien Ring

BERLIN, 01.2014
– Baukultur Werkstatt ‘Mixed Urban Quarters’ of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur, at the Academie of the Arts

MIAMI, 21/23/25.11.2013
– Lecture at the Little Havana Cultural Center, Miami – Lecture and Workshop at The University of Miami, School of Architecture, Coral Gables – Lecture at the Florida Atlantic University, School of Architecture, Fort Lauderdale

BRAUNSCHWEIG, 13.11.2013
– ISU Talks: ‘The Housing Question’, International Symposium Programm with a Lecture by Kristien Ring

BRESLAU, 23-24.10.2013
– Lecture at the ‘City Acupuncture’ DOFA FESTIVAL in Wroclaw

LAUSANNE, 21.10.2013
– Lecture at the EPFL and Discussion with the City Planning Department

ROTTERDAM, 16-17.10.2013AIR Architecture Institute Rotterdam + Gothe Institut

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